Mom Had An Ottoman For Dinner!

Last night Mom (and Dad) went on a festive date. (without me). Tis the season for festive outings.

She looked so beautiful descending the staircase…

Actually, I couldn’t really see her because of all the blinding Christmas lights in my face, but I am assuming, because she always looks beautiful… (to me)


So, they said their usual, “We are going to get something to eat… We’ll be back” and they left..  (Why are you laughing?…Doesn’t everyone tell their dog where they are going, and that they will be back?)

While they were gone, I kept myself busy at home.

I watched some TV.

Listened to some Christmas music.

Worked on my blog.

At times I got fidgety, but no one was there to see it, so it didn’t matter, right? It’s like the saying… “If a man says something in the woods, and a woman isn’t there to hear it, is he still wrong?” or is it… “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?” …  Something like that. I forget.



I finally decided to just relax and stare at the door, and wait for them to come back home.


Sometimes when I feel panicked, I remember the time I shared a bone with my stuffed mini-me. Mom won’t let me have a bone when she isn’t there to supervise (in case I choke?), so I use my memory to imagine. It works for a little bit.

I got this stuffed mini-me a few years ago for Christmas. The first thing I did was smelled his butt and everyone laughed. I had to know if he was going to be a threat. We smell other dogs’ butts for a number of reasons (that most humans are unaware of, they just think its weird and get all embarrassed).



“…it’s all about one dog sniffing out important information about the other…”

Here is an informational video that explains the science behind the behavior! According to the American Chemical Society, it’s all about one dog sniffing out important information about the other, such as its gender, emotional state, diet, and more… Go make some popcorn… and enjoy! Then, maybe you won’t feel so utterly embarrassed when Fido starts ramming his nose up your neighbor’s dog’s butt while you are talking…

Please enjoy the short film by Reactions:


OK … lesson time over … back to “The Date”

Mom (and Dad) are out on their “festive date” …


I’ll set the scene for you…

Boughs of cedar garland adorned with burgundy and gold ribbons, twinkling mini lights and hand blown mercury glass ornaments draping the crown moulding…

Adjacent to a roaring fire, is a candle lit table for two dressed in neatly pressed white linen. (and a carafe of table water. I, personally, appreciate when the table has a carafe of drinking water so you can refill yourself as needed.)

Meandering about the restaurant are bust-bursting madrigal singers clothed in Renaissance costume… 

Cradled in an elegant silver basket are an assortment of freshly baked rolls nestled under a warn cloth. 

A light-colored Pinot Noir stands nobly beside the water glass, absorbing the radiant firelight while wafting a subtle bouquet reminiscent of black cherry. 


Aside from the image of an evil voyeur floating about the wine goblet, the romantic ambiance was bountiful!

The specials were recited,

The options were considered…


And Mom decided to have an ottoman for dinner!!


Most DEFINITELY would have been my choice! But I’m thinking (given the atmosphere, her choice of wine, etc.) that she should have went with the VEAL BURLINGTON…

VEAL MEDALLIONS, SHIITAKE MUSHROOM PORT WINE DEMI GLACE, YUKON GOLD POTATOES, ASPARAGUS. Yummm. She said she had that before, and it is delicious, but she was in the mood for a burger.

Odd one she is.

So that was their date.

I was asleep when they got home (with 3/4 of her burger in a take out container). 

I am looking forward to getting out there and enjoying some Christmas cheer with the family… They take me to places where we can walk around outside and enjoy lighted trees , hot cocoa (them, not me… chocolate is toxic to dogs, remember?), caroling, and crowds! My kind of outing!

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season… I would love to hear about your outings, traditions, and “festive dates”… comments always welcome!

And remember… if you want to hear more Timber Tails, be sure to follow me! Thanks for checking in!


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