No Harm, No Fowl



“So, APPARENTLY, the family pulled a fast one over on me, and I didn’t even notice.”

I recently heard the humans talking about Thanksgiving, sharing photos, memories, and stories with one another, and it occurred to me that I MISSED THE WHOLE THING!

It all started last Wednesday…

We got in the car (my car this time) and drove to pick up my Domonique from a parking lot where humans paraded past our car in droves.  The phenomenon re-occurred every ten minutes or so, and each one lasted about 2 minutes. Very Odd. There was also a screeching sound just before each procession commenced… as if something dumped the humans in the parking lot, and then wisked away as fast as it arrived…

We waited patiently in the car… until… I think I fell asleep.


Anyway… when I regained coherence, my Domonique was one of the parade participants. She eventually was able to escape the crowd, ducked swiftly into my car. I got called the usual fluffbutt, Floofer, Fuzzbutt, Timberoonies, PunkinPie, Pup-Pees, Poopster, Pupster, Timbies, Fluffernutter, Flufferbutt, and the list goes on. I don’t mind. Ya know what I always say, “You can call me anything, but don’t call me late for dinner!”

After I was smooched, cuddled, squeezed and ruffled, we drove away.  (This greeting ritual is always mutual … terms of endearment I suppose.)

Domonique getting floofer kisses…


I have SO many car memories (but those are stories for a different time). I am a very good traveler (so I’ve heard). When I was first picked up by Mom (at 10 weeks old), my Max was living in Maryland, so we were introduced by video chat! They are both “Generation Z’ers” (or something like that) so I became quite adept at utilizing technology at a very young age by following their example. This generation can’t even burp without a documented (hashtag) Selfie. Paleeeeezz.

Video chat with my

“Brother from another Mother”


That was the only time I rode in the car on someone’s lap and not in a safety buckle. I don’t recommend riding in the car un-attached because if the brakes get slammed on, or an accident occurs (even a minor one) you will go flying about the cabin. ouch. And NEVER attach yourself to the car by your neck. That is just common sense. Use a harness, and a safety belt that is made to hook the harness into the safety belt receiver.

This was my first “car seat”.  It attached to the car, and I attached to it.

It was very cozy. Car rides seem to put me to sleep… 


So where was I in my story of how I missed Thanksgiving… ?

OH! Right. We picked up the Domonique with a car full of baked goods that all seemed to have a “Thanksgiving-themed” smell.  Pies, cornbreads, cookies, pumpkin coffees, etc. The car smelled delicious! We drove to Halo House Animal Resort (where my Aunt René gives me a bath; and a shampoo; and a full groom), and THAT is when I noticed something fishy. My Mom had brought along my suit case. The smaller one. I now knew I was about to be on a short-stay vacation. Good thing I brought baked goods…

(I have one for short stays, and one for longer vacations)


I don’t mind vacations. It gives me the opportunity to think, without all Mom’s rules about what not to chew, and where to relieve myself, and what time is bed time, etc. So many rules! I get away with a lot more at my resort. I’ve heard it be compared to going to Grandma’s house… she spoils you, then sends you back… heh heh heh…

So I am going through, whatever I go through, and doing my “resort” stuff, and meanwhile the family is having a humungous gathering without ME !? (which is unbelievable, being as I am the heart of this household).

Can you say, “O F F E N D E D”  ??

Meh… whatever.


In Mom’s defense…

I can be a tiny bit of a “pain-in-the-arss’ when she is busy…


I did manage to get my hands on a few photos… what a crowd!

I’m actually glad I wasn’t there;

I would have been trampled by these barbarians…


That sure does look like a beautiful turkey.

I don’t even like turkey anyway. Beef is my main protein… But I am disappointed that I missed watching The National Dog Show, and Football with my Mom. It’s tradition.


I am back home now… and everything is back to normal…

No harm, No fowl!

(see what I did there? 😹)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Thanks for checking in. I would love to hear some of your memories or traditions! Comments always welcome. And remember, if you want to hear more Timber tails, be sure to follow me!


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