My Mom Has Lost Her Noodles

The Christmas Tree Is Up,

And It’s Only November 17th…

Mom is Losing Her Noodles

So, apparently the Holiday Season has begun! Mom always puts the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. I heard her tell someone once, it’s because she puts out a lot of seasonal cheer, and it takes time. First she has to lug all the bins up from the basement (she makes lots of loud noises during this part). I get locked safely behind my gate because for whatever reason, when I go down the basement stairs, I can’t get back up. I am starting to see a pattern here… I should maybe seek therapy?

Then she has to clean up the mess she makes getting all the decorations out and up; Glitter, needles, flock, foam berries, broken ornaments pieces, etc. Boy does she make a mess… Our house looks like a craft store floor after Black Friday!

So she cleans it all up, and THEN she has to start setting up and preparing for Thanksgiving (and in between she requires muscle “recovery time” because she is getting older. Not getting old, getting older.)

We have Thanksgiving at our house and there are usually about 16 Humans stuffing the place, and sitting in my seat. I am only allowed on one piece of furniture in the entire house (it is the love seat where me and Mom watch TV together) and without regard, it gets occupied. Every year. You should see all of them steal each other’s seat when someone gets up. It is riotous…

So I watch from a distance, and try to stay out of her way…

I sit here like a “good boy” and then I get special reward treats.  


It always perplexes me how Mom gets upset when I bring so much as a twig in the house, yet she brings a 9 foot evergreen tree in the family room, and that’s ok? Odd one she is.

There's a Tree In The House

When the Christmas tree goes up in our house, that is when I know Thanksgiving is not long away, and discipline needs to become fine tuned…

With the holidays approaching, there is always the concern of excessive calories getting the better of you. We all suffer some level of stress worrying that our shape may become distorted by winter’s end.  Not to worry… I have some exercise suggestions to help combat some of those extra, accumulated, unwanted pounds BEFORE they become a concern.

I made a video that you can reference

for some daily exercise ideas.

(always check with your Veterinarian before beginning any exercise regimen.)

Also, here is a healthy treat you can bake at home that is good for Dogs and is super easy to make.  My Mom uses a pumpkin cookie cutter to shape them, as if I notice such things.

Dog Pumpkin Cookies:

2 Eggs

1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal

15oz Can Pumpkin (not filling… just pumpkin)

1TBSP Olive Oil

1 tsp. Turmeric

Beat eggs in bowl, add remaining ingredients, spoon on greased cookie sheet, Bake 25 minutes @ 350 degrees

Thanks for checking in! Let me know how you like the cookies? Comments always welcome!

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*song credit: “Shake Your Rump” by Beastie Boys

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