“I Am a Snow Dog!” ❄️❄️❄️❄️

(Yo! Ho! Vacation Snow!)

“Today is gonna be wet

I love snow. The sight of it… the smell of it… the sheer joy of watching it pile up and the anticipation of gamboling merrily about in it! … all pure goodness! I don’t have to shovel it, but Mom always clears the steps so we don’t slip and break bones on our way down and out. A quick closet inventory of possibly useful snow supplies (at our home away from home) revealed a broom and some extra pillows. (Mom said we can’t put the pillows at the bottom of the steps, so we used the broom to clear the slush) First thing in the morning! Yesss… muddy, slushy snow all over the outdoor bathroom area! (No, I haven’t mastered the stairs yet, so Yes, Mom did get muddy carrying my sorry wet ass back up the steps). She didn’t appear angry… frustrated maybe?

Moving on…

Snow always conjures up fond memories of my childhood. I was born in November but came to my forever home in January. January in New Jersey almost always equates to snow. I can still recall my first snow…

I was roaming about my territory (ok, back yard), and I noticed stuff descending from the sky? It was getting chillier, and the sky appeared as fifty shades of gray…

(😹 no it didn’t, but that sounded very literature-ish, or literary, or something like that 😹)

It was infinite and beautiful. I sat for a bit and absorbed the tranquility.

At the time, I was unaware of the accumulation aspect of snow, but I remember enjoying it landing on my nose. The flakes felt cold and sharp. It was that instance when I finally understood what my luxurious double coat was meant for. My identity became clear. All the revelations about my ancestry, heritage, history, purpose began to illuminate within, and the clarity became profoundly satisfying. I am a snow dog.

“I am a snow dog.”

That winter we had plenty of snow. I was elated to discover “snow snorting”. What a rush! The snow was so deep… and my legs, so short… frolicking led to sheer exhaustion. I loved that winter…

Here are some photos of my first snow at my forever home. I was so young here (and Totes Adorbs!) …

My first snow at 10 weeks old

I remember Dad made me an igloo. He “shoveled” the yard and piled it high. Then he carved the interior. He erected an architectural marvel! We had deep talks by that hollowed out mound. I even got to sit on top of it! I felt like I was on top of the world! If I remember correctly, that mountain of snow remained well into August… (Well, maybe not that long…)

Good times.

Deep Talks By The Igloo

Top of The World!

So… today is supposed to be a little on the messy side up here in the Poconos! I am going to smell like a wet rug. No worries… when we get back home it will be Thanksgiving prep week, and that will include a full groom with bath, trim, and deodorant spray! (Mom calls it stinky sauce when she spritzes me. Odd one she is…)

It is the first snowflakes of the year, and I am on vacation celebrating my birthday! This is a great day! Hope y’all have a great day! … And thanks for checking in and reminiscing with me! I would love to hear your snow memories. Comments are always welcome!

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