VACATION! Ah! The Mountain Life

this packing thing is not easy… I should have taken a class on spatial relations…



Yay! I’m on vacation with my people. (I normally have a separate vacation at a pet resort without my humans. They are very considerate of my needing some time to myself, away from all the house rules. I have no idea what they do while I’m away, but they are fine when I return so I don’t worry.)

(Birthday Portrait)

Apparently, because it’s my birthday, we decided to all vacation together. Humans aren’t allowed at the Pet Resort where I usually go (I stay at Halo House Animal Resort, their website is listed below this post if you want to check them out), so we went to the Pocono Mountains. The drive was fun (Ha! Not.) I am generally a really good traveler (so I hear) but they rented a mini van and I was like “Wha…t is this?” I don’t like when things aren’t familiar. I like routines, and I feel more comfortable when things are predictable, and preferably smell like something I recognize. There is a bit of a language barrier so I rely on body language, voice tones, smells, and associations to understand what is going on. I never met this minivan before so I did not know what to expect. My people wanted me to get inside this thing! AND, I wasn’t allowed to mark it with my scent so it did not know I was in charge. The whole thing had my radar on high alert. Things didn’t feel quite right; what was wrong with taking MY car on vacation anyway? We were taking my food, my bowls, my crate, etc., why not my car? Mom put me in the van and put my harness on. She attached me to the van with my safety belt… and I panicked! I don’t know what came over me? … I don’t know what I thought was going to happen, I just panicked. (It happens when you have anxiety, which I think I may have) I somehow wriggled out of my harness (it was impressive) and I leaped out of the van, leaving the harness attached to the car. My legs are short and I have a pretty small body with very thick fur… so it was easy. They can’t ever get the harness tight enough because my fur is so thick. That’s why they don’t use one when they walk me; Instead, they use a martingale collar. I have a small head with a thick mane so I have wriggled my head out of a regular collar in the past. I don’t necessarily want to run away from home, it’s more of a game to me, but my Mom gets so upset when I get loose… Well, I did it again, I escaped. I heard someone on the driveway call me the great escape artist. I like the sound of that, It would come in handy if I ever get kidnapped and need to escape my captor! It was stressful with everyone scrambling to get me back in the van. I’m not gonna lie, I was extremely stressed. I was like, “this is supposed to be fun!” 🙄 After I got back in the van and all settled, the ride was fine… not too long. I only requested to go to the bathroom once! 🙄

We arrived at our home away from home…


Mid-week synopsis (pros👍🏻 cons👎🏻)…

1) lots of steps. Inside, outside… lots of steps. (I let Mom go first… I was a gentleman)


2) easy access to the outside pee pee area (after conquering lots of steps)


3) balconies to enjoy fresh air whenever I want (they left my backyard at home)

4) fireplace (and a door to the balcony right next to it so I can cool off if needed)

5. Plenty of scenic places to take long walks, and upon returning…

6. Lots of steps. (I think this is a repeat)

7. Writing a blog is not easy with spotty internet…

What I learned about myself is that I have no trouble going down hundreds of stairs, but going up is a different matter.

Mom had to carry my 45 pound body back up the steps every time we went out… I love her ❤️


✔️ Packing check list:

1) Food

2) Bowls

3) Treats (not too many or Mom will be taking you out to poo a lot)

4) Crate and bedding (I use a crate pad and crate cover)

5) Stain and odor spray (Just in case)

6) Paper towels

7) Comb, brush, wipes (occasionally I pick up a tick or have a messy poo that needs attention)

8) Leash

9) Collapsible gates (they came in handy to block balcony stairs (so I could sit on balcony) and front door (so I didn’t escape by accident)

10) iPhone (to photograph and blog)

**music credit:

“Vacation” by Dirty Heads

**Halo House Animal Resort:

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