The Timber Tails

Hello. My name is Timber.


My humans don’t know I’m a blogger (which allows me to talk about them. Heh heh heh…)

I was starting to take over Mom’s social media pages, so I decided to start my own. I am now a blogging blogger with a blog!



I will start with a VERY brief background… (I am extremely complex so being brief is difficult) I am a 4 year old Keeshond who lives in New Jersey (it was NOT my idea; In fact, I had zero say in the matter. Honestly, look at me? Wouldn’t you guess an expansive, cool, crisp, dry area would be a more appropriate place to raise me? Can you say “Northern type”?


But whatever. It’s fine

Life here is good. My people are considerate of my climate needs. I require the air-conditioner on if the temp rises above 65 degrees; and I like the back door open while I sit in the doorway of my air conditioned house; and basically no walks longer than 15 minutes from April thru October because I get overheated; and I like the back door open in the fall and winter so I can sit in the doorway and breathe the fresh air and watch the wildlife scurrying about all while sitting in the comfort of my home.




I live with Mom (she is the Alpha-whatever) and Dad (he is under me in the order of things. I think)

I have a Domonique and a Max who come in and out, and in and out, and… you get the idea. I don’t know if they live here or not but the Mom and Dad go nutso happy when they come in the door. Come to think of it, I think I do also. It is embarrassing, but I can’t seem to control myself. At least I don’t suffer from excitement urination. I feel bad for dogs with that condition.

I am not a fan of being outside by myself (I’m normal. I read it’s a thing) so Mom goes out with me throughout the day for various activities. She is an artist and works at home, so I am lucky for that.

I pretty much run the household! I see and hear stuff, and I have LOTS to say… so, Follow me!




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